New Life Recovery Program - Your Solution To Addiction Recovery

New Life Recovery Program reach enormous heights, and now through Addiction recovery International you too can partake in Gay’s New Life Recovery Program. Break the binds of addiction for life with Gay Cartier and New Life Recovery Program via Addiction Recovery International.
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Permanent Recovery Is Possible! We specialize helping you to overcome and achieve permanent Addiction recovery using our signature "New Life" Recovery methodology to help you and your loved ones achieve permanent transformation.

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New Life Recovery Coaching providing you with strategies, techniques, relapse preventions, coping skills, stress management strategies, communication and active listening skills so you can take your recovery to the next level.

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Learn to walk in your personal truth and achieve permanent recovery through our signature coaching program and create the life you’ve always wanted.

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Results and Testimonials

It’s not always easy breaking through fear, habits and addiction.  Especially if you think you are all alone.  Sometimes you just need someone to take you by the hand to lead you through transformation and to help you find the way.

When it comes to trusting in that someone to lead you down the right path, there is only one person I can recommend from my heart– Gay Cartier.  Over the years I have come to see how she has successfully built her business…. but her success isn’t about her… it is built upon the success of her clients and achieving permanent recovery. 

As one of my dearest friends I can truly say you will be in good caring hands when comes to entrusting your needs in Gay.  She is there to make a positive difference in your life and to help you transform so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of and be addiction free.

Take the first step now and just contact her… you’ll be so glad you did.

Debra Thompson Roedl
Wealth Alliance

An effective and successful addiction recovery program

Battling addiction is a lifelong process that requires attention and precision. Addiction Recovery International can assist you with your addiction recovery by providing personal coaching to ensure you remain addiction free. With extensive experience in addiction counselling, Gay Cartier’s Addiction Recovery International offers successful addiction help and relapse prevention strategies for all addictions.

Seek help for your addiction from the experts at Addiction Recovery International

One of the most important aspects of fully recovering from an addiction is to have a strong and realistic relapse prevention plan. Addiction Recovery International can assist with creating these addiction recovery plans so you can feel secure in knowing relapsing into addiction is being accounted for.   

Whether it is drug addiction, alcohol addiction or gaming addiction, trust Addiction Recovery International to successfully coach you through your addiction, and counteract the temptations of relapse with effective counselling and coaching strategies via our effective addiction recovery program.   

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